## Introduction A gerund is a verb acting as a noun typically ending in *ing*. It also happens to be a domain name twenty-something-Ben thought was unique and interesting. ## Map of Content ### Places to Start * [[Read Me]] — working with me * [[My Articles]] * [[Forwards]] — other people's stuff I often forward ### Dark Corners to Avoid * [[Productivity]] — ramblings on systems I use ## About ### What you'll find here Andrew Huberman says that our eyes are parts of our brain outside the cranial vault. This is the digital equivalent — portions of my Second Brain I publish on the internet. It will therefore reflect all the divergent, ambivalent, and "playing chess with myself" aspects of my wet-brain — packaged for public consumption best I can. ### Why I do this I'm convinced that large parts of software are [[Caught Rather than Taught]]. I felt like I wasn't getting to do as much of this in the current phase of my career, so I've decided to explore the same ideas here. I hope you learn something from how I think. Even more, I hope you learn something by proving me wrong and (charitably) [[Contact|letting me know]] about it. ### Is this a blog? Not really. [[My Articles]] are similiar to a blog, but I make no promise to keep any structure over time. Just like our ideas (hopefully) change over time, everything here can change at any time. One practical note: if you like something you find here — I'd suggest capturing the current form in your own Second Brain rather than assuming a URL will link to the same content/form in the future.